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Bora Bora culture

Bring together ancient cultures, idyllic island life, and natural abundance for the vacation of a lifetime.



Polynesian culture exists through traditional music and arts. Guitars and ukuleles create a style of music that has hints of country western mixed with the classic South Pacific island sound. Enjoy one of the greatest shows on earth during Heiva, a month-long celebration of joy through dance, song, and other cultural events.


The cuisine of Bora Bora blends traditional South Pacific cooking with French, Italian, and Japanese influences. Most of the food is cooked in traditional pit ovens. Food is wrapped in banana leaves, thrown onto the hot stones, and baked for several hours.



Encounter a wildlife population that is unlike any other. Bora Bora has an incredible variety of marine life. Explore the lagoon, wander into corals, watch sea turtles, rays, black-tip sharks, and humpback whales roaming the seas.